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Teams to end poverty

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In which domain do you want to take action?

fight against poverty

  Addressing poverty and the environment
  Better housing and living conditions
  Education and training
  Elimination of social and cultural exclusion
  Food and water
  Health and social protection
  Work and means of subsistence

help certain specific groups

  Children and young people
  Elderly and disabled people
  Indigenous people and ethnic minorities
  Refugees, migrants, displaced persons and irregulars

Others ways of combating poverty

  buy and promote "fair trade products" (goods from Third World countries sold at a fair price with the producer getting a bigger share)
  foster the use of new information and communication technologies in the anti-poverty drive
  help dispute settlement and disasters relief organisations, help rebuild and restore affected area
  Information and public awareness
  promote democracy, people participation, sound management of public affairs and the anti-corruption drive
  promote the cancellation of Third World debt

How to take action
With whom to act
By 2020, some African countries could lose over a quarter of their population to AIDS
United Nations Development Programme
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