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Teams to end poverty


If there were only 100 people on this earth, 20 of the richest among us would have 74% of all the telephone lines

Low or no income prevents a fair number of people from taking part in cultural, social or sporting activities in the community. Poor and unemployed people are the main victims of social exclusion and marginalisation. In both rich and poor countries, social exclusion means people lose their self-confidence. Some people fall deeper and deeper into wretched poverty and greater and greater isolation. With no social or family framework, children, left to their own devices, may become juvenile delinquents. Social exclusion deprives people of opportunities, of a social network and a share in community life.

If there were only 100 people on this earth, just 24 would have a television

"Look and treat the poorest as our equals so that they can keep their courage and hope."
Tatiana, 12

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2.8 billion people – nearly half the world population – live on less than 2 dollars a day.
United Nations Development Programme
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